Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Engine

A Unique Identifier provider for your research article/object.

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is an online serial code for the identification of journal articles, books, and other educational resources. The DOI Engine system was created and established to collaborate with publishers, libraries, archives, educational institutions, and other international organizations from around the world to carry out the digital collection. The important and primary materials from over the world are made with nominal charges.

  • Increase awareness of research both nationally and internationally.
  • Publish materials for students, academics, and general audiences.
  • Improve partner institutions' capacity to reduce the digital divide inside and between nations.

The DOI Engine is much more than just a collection of static data; the digital library has capabilities built in which user allows to upload and edit local files as well as create and change locally stored website links or URLs.

Our Clients

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