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Generating a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) link typically involves using a DOI that has already been assigned to a specific publication or resource. DOIs are unique identifiers used to provide a permanent link to digital content, such as research papers, articles, datasets, and more.
To generate a DOI link, you need to know the DOI for the specific resource you want to link to. If you have a DOI, you can create a link as follows:

  1. The basic structure of a DOI link is: followed by the DOI itself.
  2. Place the DOI at the end of the URL. For example, if your DOI is 10.1234/5678, your DOI link would be:
Here's a simple step-by-step guide:
  1. Obtain the DOI for the publication or resource you want to link to. This DOI is usually provided by publishers, organizations, or databases.
  2. Construct the DOI link by adding the DOI to the end of
  3. You can use this link to direct others to the specific digital object associated with the DOI.
Keep in mind that you need to have permission to access the content associated with the DOI, as DOIs are used to provide persistent links to scholarly and research materials.
If you're looking to generate a DOI for your own content, you'll need to register for a DOI through a DOI registration agency This agency provide DOIs and DOI registration services for various types of content. Once your content is registered, they will provide you with the DOI, and you can then create a DOI link as described above.

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